Age: 7 Yrs Gender Male Rescued 11/4/2016
Weight: 75lbs Color Flashy Fawn Ears Natural
Tail Docked Altered Yes Microchipped Yes
Other Dogs Unknown Cats Unknown Professional Training Recommended No
Children Under 5 TBD Children Over 5 TBD Foster Location Conklin, NY
Date Available 11/5/2016
BAR Number 1322 Adoption Donation $300

3/11/2018: Ceecee has been my foster boy for about 18 months and is really looking for his forever home. He's a good boy - sweet, cute, fun - and could stay with me if I thought my home was the best place for him. However, he needs a home where he can get more exercise and play time. He loves squeaky balls and is getting better about chasing and returning them. Unfortunately, my boxer, Crystal, is "Miss Princess Fun Police" and will go after Ceecee if he is making too much noise, so his play time is limited. He's submissive to Crystal when this happens and tries to get away, but it would be better if he didn't need to put up with her.

He loves people and attention but sometimes gets too excited when first meeting new people. He needs controlled or on-leash introductions, especially with small children. He loves food and is very food motivated. However, he is a counter surfer and a shark for any food falling to the floor. Most of the time he can't reach food set way back on the kitchen counters but that doesn't mean he won't try. I haven't lost anything too important - a couple tomatoes, some oranges, a bite of pizza. Did I mention, Ceecee will eat almost anything related to food. I usually don't try to save food that falls to the floor and will have him exchange toys or things he's not supposed to eat for high value food treats. Because of these behaviors, a home with children older than six would be best.

He is housetrained but has occasional accidents if I'm not paying attention. He knows many commands but his recall needs some work. He responds best to a low, calm voice, or just hand signals. He loves his crate and in the evenings will go in on his own to sleep. He can be left outside the crate when I'm not home without getting into trouble - except if there is food within reach. He is fond of sleeping in the recliner or on the couch. However, he can very insistent if he wants the recliner and a human is sitting in it. Ceecee has a few other quirks as well. He will fixate on a glass with ice cubes - he loves to eat ice cubes. He is very sensitive to noises - the telephone, the dishwasher, a voice from another room, a car traveling up the road, snow falling - any sudden noise and he'll bark. He gets stressed whenever he is moved out of his familiar environment - travelling in the car, visiting my mother in FL, having to stay in his crate too long. Ceecee does best when encouraged to something rather than being made to do something.

So, if you are interested in adopting this handsome, loveable, fun, quirky boy with an odd name, contact Boxer Angels Rescue and fill out an application.

12/3/2016: Ceecee is finally over his kennel cough and had a good well-visit at the vet. He was very happy to wiggle and say hello to everyone there. He weighed in between 60 - 63 lbs. - he couldn't stay still long enough to get an exact weight. Ceecee loves attention. He is up to date on all his vaccinations and his heartworm & fecal tests were negative. He does have some stiffness in his back legs but that doesn't seem to be painful & definitely doesn't slow him down. He's an active boy and really needs to find an active forever home. He is quite bored here. He can be left alone in the house without getting into too much trouble. According to his former owners, Ceecee was a counter surfer and loved to eat tissues & toilet paper. Food is very, very, very important to Ceecee. He is always begging for something we are eating or waiting for something to drop on the floor. We are working on having him stay out of the kitchen while we are eating. I have learned to keep food items way back on the counters or in the cupboards. So far the only causalities have been 2 tomatoes. Ceecee does love the kitty crispies in the litter box but so far has left the tissues & TP alone. He has left the Christmas decorations alone except for being very interested in the stuffed toy ones - which have been relocated to higher locations. He gets along very well with his foster fur sister Crystal. He is very respectful of her even when she is being the "Princess Fun Police". He just backs off when she is being snappy & growly. Ceecee is a wonderful, silly, active, sweet, funny boy. Although I think "Charlie" would be a much better name for him, that is a decision for his forever family or person. Ceecee would love a forever home for Christmas. Don't you want a boxer with a vibrating nub!!

11/19/2016: Ceecee is doing well & adjusting to his foster home. He's finally over his kennel cough but still has not interacted with his foster fur sister, Crystal, because he passed the cough on to her. They have been allowed to sniff each other through the baby gate and seem to like each other. He continues to do well in his crate but has been having more bathroom accidents in the house. He is housetrained as long as he is taken outside regularly and at the right time. He's good in the crate for about 8 hours. Ceecee loves attention and is very food motivated. He knows "sit, stay, go, come" and hand signals for these commands. He is learning to sit, stay and wait for the "OK" signal before his meals. He is walks fairly well on leash but pulls if he is in a hurry or sees something interesting. He also stays around reasonably well off leash. Trees are a definite requirement for bathroom stops. I do not think Ceecee should be with cats. He was much too focused on my cat and went after her when he got the chance. Ceecee loves toys - squeaky toys & balls are his favorites. He will sometimes play fetch and is learning to "drop & leave it". One unique thing about Ceecee is his nub. While most boxers wiggle their whole butt when excited, Ceecee's nub vibrates. Get your application in for this special boy. He would love an active forever family.

11/4/2016: Meet Ceecee, a very handsome 6 yr. old boxer mix. He has it all - gentle personality, flappy jowls, and snaggle teeth. I don't know too much about him right now because he has kennel cough and needs to be kept separate. He was an owner surrender to the shelter and was a favorite of the shelter volunteers. He does very well in his crate and is housetrained. However, he has had a couple accidents while I'm learning his schedule. Check back while I get to know this awesome boy.

7/18/2018: CeeCee has crossed the rainbow bridge.