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Other Boxer Rescues in the US

BAR serves the states of New England, New York and New Jersey. If you do not live in the northeast and are interested in finding a Boxer Rescue Group in your area, you the following links might help you find a rescue group in your area.

BAR makes no representations or promises as to the accuracy of content in the following linked websites, does not assume any responsibility for the content of these sites, nor provide any guarantees or assurances of availability of any dog listed on the sites contained within this list.

Boxer Rescue & Breeders in the United States
A directory of Boxer breeders and rescues in the US by state.

The American Boxer Club
A listing of Boxer rescues in the US.

The Boxer Map
A listing of Boxer Rescues and Breeders in the US, Canada and Europe
Provides a search engine for Boxers available for adoption in your area.


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