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This page will help you find a dog trainer in your area, or get tips on how to train your dog.

K9 Trainers: A list of dog trainers by state

Positive Paws Dog Training: a lot of different training classes......for different stages of training. She also does private training.

How to Establish Leadership in your Pack

Lets face it. Dogs are not human. Although they can be taught to understand certain words or phrases, we can't expect them to understand language in the same way we do. If we as responsible dog owners want to communicate with our dogs in a way they will understand, we need to learn their language. What better way to do this then to observe a pack of wolves? Today's dogs may have been domesticated, but the natural instinct of the wolf is still very similar to that of the domesticated dog. When explained in the terms of the wolf, it makes complete sense.

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Who's in Charge, Here?

A lesson in becoming Alpha.

  • "My dog just tried to bite me! All I did was tell him to move over so I could sit on the couch next to him."
  • "My dog got into the trash can and when I scolded her, she growled at me. What's wrong with her? I thought she loved me!"
  • "Our dog is very affectionate most of the time but when we try to make him do something he doesn't want to do, he snaps at us."

What do these three dogs have in common? Are they nasty or downright vicious? No - they're "alpha". They've taken over the leadership of the families that love them. Instead of taking orders from their people, these dogs are giving orders! Your dog can love you very much and still try to dominate you or other members of your family.

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Home Sweet Home - A Guide to Bringing a New Dog Home and Introducing it to the Pack

Congratulations! You have just adopted a new dog, and you want to introduce him to your pack. But how to make sure the introduction goes smoothly and with as little stress as possible?

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